HR Consulting is Here!

At Rampe Consulting we are always striving to find ways to better serve our clients and make lasting change in the CPA firm space. We are pleased to announce our latest service line – HR Consulting! With this new offering, we are aiming to help firms improve their overall employee experience and outline opportunities for career and professional development within their own firm. Our main projects in this area include:


Would you like to have clearly defined career pathway options for your employees? Is your firm’s current promotion timeline for climbing the ladder to Partner outdated or nonexistent? Are you struggling to keep your best talent because they are leaving for other jobs that offer them clear insights into what it takes to advance to the next level? If so, our Career Pathways and Path to Partner programs are for you!

We will help you define options, timelines, and expectations for each level with this project. You will walk away with tangible guides you can share with current and future employees that highlight the various career pathway options at your firm and insights on expectations for promotions to each level.


Overwhelmed at the thought of having to update your job descriptions or worse yet write them from scratch?

We know how cumbersome writing job descriptions can be and how firm leaders’ time should be spent doing more important tasks such as managing client relationships and staff. We collaborate with firm leaders to define level-based competencies (what you need your team to do) then create thoughtful, relevant job descriptions for all levels at your firm. Role descriptions provide clarity to employees and partners, with everyone on the same page, achieving your firm’s overall strategic goals is noticeably easier.


Are you interested in offering a leadership development program for your employees but unsure of where to start? Do you want to offer more non-technical trainings to your employees that touch on topics important to the CPA profession?

We collaborate with firms to build out a leadership development training program for various departments and levels at your firm. We have a vast library of training content that we are prepared to offer. Some of our highly sought-after trainings include topics such as Executive Presence, Delegation, Time Management, Train the Trainer, Delivering Feedback and much more.


Is your current performance management system in need of some sprucing up? Are you ready to explore a system that ties compensation to overall performance?

We work with firms to help design and structure performance management systems to help streamline employee performance and compensation. We start with the basics – how often do you want to have review cycles and which employees do you want involved. From there we dive into designing performance criteria for each level and then train your employees on how to write and deliver constructive and meaningful feedback.


Is your firm looking to add upward feedback as another element to your performance feedback system?

We help firms looking to gather upward feedback by designing question sets and administering surveys as an independent third-party. We can provide a high-level summary of themes we observe throughout the process or dive deeper and create personalized summaries for each reviewee that includes commentary on where that individual is excelling as well as constructive feedback.

If you are interested in any of the above projects, we would love to connect with you and learn how we can be of assistance!

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