Marc Rosenberg CPA

Management Consultant to the CPA Profession

Marc Rosenberg is a nationally known consultant, author and speaker on CPA firm management, strategy and partner issues. President of his own Chicago-based consulting firm, The Rosenberg Associates, he is founder of the most authoritative annual survey of mid-sized CPA firm performance statistics in the country, The Rosenberg Survey. He has consulted with hundreds of firms throughout his 20+ year consulting career. He shares his expertise regularly on The Marc Rosenberg Blog.

Accounting Today has acknowledged Marc Rosenberg as one of Top 100 Most Influential People in the CPA profession for the past 14 consecutive years and INSIDE Public Accounting perennially recognizes him as one of the Ten Most Recommended CPA Firm Consultants. The industry’s leading publications regularly quote Rosenberg.

Rosenberg’s consulting services include:

Marc has spoken at 5-10 practice management conferences a year for more than 20 years.

Rosenberg is widely published. His articles have appeared in Accounting Today, CPA Trendlines, The Practical Accountant, Partner Advantage, CCH’s CPA Practice Management Forum, The Journal of Accountancy, Illinois CPA Society’s Insight, Partner to Partner Advisory, The Practicing CPA and numerous state CPA society journals.

He is best known as the author of his acclaimed Practice Management series—a compilation of knowledge and experience amassed throughout his consulting career on key topics pertinent to CPA practice management.

Rosenberg is a graduate of the University of Illinois.