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That thing about communicating face to face…

Kristen Rampe, CPA / November 11, 2014

Last week I was speaking at AccountingToday’s Growth and Profitability Summit in sunny Florida. While I was there, I experienced a great example of just how important face-to-face communication is.


7 Ways to Host a Better Meeting

Kristen Rampe, CPA / September 2, 2014

I went to a meeting the other day, one with a mix of professionals and aspiring professionals (college students).  I’d love to tell you what the purpose of the meeting was, but I don’t actually know.

One might ask, what was I doing at a meeting where I didn’t even know the purpose to begin with? Well, I recently joined an organization and this was a regular monthly meeting, so I figured I would go and see what they were all about.  Or not, as it turned out. They didn’t know how to hold an effective meeting.


Being a Mentor is Good for You

Kristen Rampe, CPA / September 1, 2014

One summer during college I worked as a temp at a mortgage company and was lucky enough to work with a great manager. Drew showed me how to keep a clean desk (not sure I actually practice this, but it was great to see it in action) and how to have patience with a wide variety of talent levels on your team.  He didn’t know it, but he was a mentor of mine and the skills he passed on have stayed with me for a number of years that will remain undisclosed.

Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider, or continue, guiding others to new professional heights.


Poetic Project Management

Kristen Rampe, CPA / August 21, 2014

Can project management be poetic? We’re not sure either, but here’s an attempt. Please enjoy this collection of project management verses with our compliments.


16 Delegation Failures

Kristen Rampe, CPA / July 17, 2014

We’ve all been there.  Trying to make our work-lives more efficient, transfer knowledge to newer team members and leverage our practice.  Sometimes it works, and, well, sometimes the result is embarrassing at best.  If you’ve ever wondered if you’re a delegation master, or one who could use a few tweaks to make the most of your efforts, you are in the right place.  Below are a few ways to recognize when you might not have done the very best job ever in delegating your work.


Reclaiming Our Fun

Kristen Rampe, CPA / June 17, 2014

After my webinar on Building a High-Functioning team, I received a whole lot of feedback from participants saying thank-you for the reminder to have fun. 

This really caught me off guard.  How in the world did we end up so focused on our goals (also a part of building a great team) that we completely let go of the fun part? 


Someday, Someone Will Replace You

Kristen Rampe, CPA / June 1, 2014

Have you thought about who will be filling your shoes in the future?  Maybe you’re early in your career, maybe you’re approaching retirement, or maybe you’re somewhere in between.  For better or for worse, your time in your current position is limited.


Getting Leadership Buy-In

Kristen Rampe, CPA / May 1, 2014

Getting buy-in, the kind you have to “get” because someone is not just giving it to you, is all about persuasion. And you’re not going to persuade anyone to change a culture overnight or in a single meeting that involves listing out the 18 reasons your way is the best way of doing things.  Here’s how to take some steps in the right direction


Controversial License Renewal Changes

Kristen Rampe, CPA / April 2, 2014

The Board of Accountancy has announced its position today on three significant changes to the CPA license renewal requirements. A final decision on these matters is expected within three years.


Turn Crappy Staff Work into Quality Staff Work

Kristen Rampe, CPA / March 8, 2014

There comes a point in your career when you really want to leverage others.  The problem is that often you hire someone and give them a project or task, and what they come back with is No Where Near what you were after.


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