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From Failing Plans to Successful Change

Matt Rampe / April 12, 2023

Times have changed dramatically for CPA firms: staffing crises, remote workers, technological advances, retiring partners, new expectations about what a work week should look like…. Traditional strategic planning has become less effective. We need a new model that works in our new era. Let me introduce you to it. The Decline of One Person Having…


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Partner Coaching: Why is it beneficial?

Matt Rampe / February 1, 2023

I coached a managing partner recently – let’s call him Chad – who was standing on a proverbial burning platform when I met him. Chad had lots of clients who loved his firm, but was short staffed at the lower levels and partner level. He had a succession problem that needed to be handled now….


How to Create Change When Change is Hard – An Accounting Allegory

Matt Rampe / October 31, 2018

Meet John, a hard-working new partner at a mid-sized accounting firm on the west coast.  We join John as he sits down for his first annual review as a partner. His managing partner, Gus, makes the feedback clear, “John, the bottom line is you have to delegate more so you can spend that time on business development and hit your new targets. We’re all counting on you.” 


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