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Partner Comp Best Practices as Firms Grow

Avatar photoMarc Rosenberg, CPA / June 26, 2012

Except for periodic economic downturns, most firms evolve through many growth stages over time. Firm size changes often trigger modifications of their management practices.  The system for allocating partner income is a prime example. Here are several best practices for partner compensation that usually change as firms migrate from smaller to larger: Establish a link between a…


What is a Partner?

Avatar photoMarc Rosenberg, CPA / April 17, 2012

I’ve seen the following scenario unfold countless times: On the retreat agenda is a two hour block of time devoted to the creation of a paper entitled “What is a Partner?” Serving a dual purpose, the document will be used as a tool to evaluate the existing partners and circulated as part of its leadership development and mentoring efforts among the staff.

We ask people to volunteer what they think should be on the list…


Best CPA firms to work for: top trends

Avatar photoMarc Rosenberg, CPA / January 31, 2012

Accounting Today released the 2011 Best Firms to Work For list in the December 2011 issue with some interesting findings.

Dissatisfaction with pay and benefits was cited across the board at the lowest-scoring firms. However top-ranked firms offered a variety of features that contributed to employee satisfaction – and not all of them were monetary….

What benefits are the highest-scoring firms offering?


The Best Staff Bonus Plan

Avatar photoMarc Rosenberg, CPA / December 21, 2011

The best staff bonus plans I’ve seen base bonus payouts on two factors: how well the firm performs vs. a target and individual achievement of formal, written goals.

For more information on how the bonus is calculated and to download a sample plan, click here:


Training: An eye-opening “Best Practice”

Avatar photoMarc Rosenberg, CPA / November 22, 2011

I recently led a group of managing partners in a discussion of best practices. One firm shared an eye-opening practice in the training area.

To continue reading click below:


Nothing beats face to face

Avatar photoMarc Rosenberg, CPA / November 7, 2011

Early in my career, I was asked to proofread a chapter in a finance book entitled “How To Negotiate a Merger.” To this day, I still remember the central message: To negotiate effectively, try to put yourself in the other guy’s shoes.

Internet and email are great – they’re the tools that make this dialogue possible! But at what point do they start threatening our civilization’s ability to interact successfully in “real life?” And what are the possible repercussions to your practice if face-to-face networking becomes a thing of the past?


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