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Experienced Staff Are Leaving Accounting in Droves, and People Are Furious

Avatar photoMatt Rampe / November 28, 2023

When I wrote this post on LinkedIn in September, I had no idea it would get over 300,000 views, 1,800 reactions, 132 comments, and 103 reposts! Clearly, it hit a nerve. Here is the original post, and what I learned from the 132 comments.   Here are the major themes from the LinkedIn post comments…


Jeffrey Weiner headshot

Analysis of Jeffrey Weiner’s “The Power of Showing Up”

Avatar photoMarc Rosenberg, CPA / June 6, 2023

Jeffrey Weiner joined Marcum in 1981 and has led the firm since 1990 when he was named managing partner. Marcum LLP is a national accounting and advisory firm. Accounting Today puts their annual revenue at $1.2B, making them the thirteenth largest CPA firm in the U.S. They have 39 offices from coast to coast. If…


New App Aims to Keep Partners Accountable

Avatar photoKristen Rampe, CPA / April 13, 2021

If you’re like most CPA firms, you’ve had your fair share of partner accountability challenges. Luckily, industry experts, notable partners and developers have finally come together to lead change in this area with a new tool: the Partner Accountability App.

Here are some of the common issues this groundbreaking technology addresses:


Rosenberg & Rampe Reveal Magic Formula for Partner Compensation

Avatar photoKristen Rampe, CPA / April 1, 2021

Partner compensation is a challenge for many accounting firm leadership teams. The desire to balance rewarding performance, book of business, billable hours, and plain old seniority leads to conflict. Feelings of confusion arise when partners who are total jerks continue to out-earn their peers who have 20% higher realization and manage staff as if they’d been personally mentored by Adam Grant.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work closely with Marc Rosenberg for the past several years on partner compensation projects. Combining our…


Bringing Your Team Together During a Crisis

Avatar photoKristen Rampe, CPA / May 8, 2020

When things get stressful, communication is critical. Checking in on your team’s wellbeing can be a crucial part of growing together. Kristen Rampe joined the Ohio Society of CPA’s State of Business podcast to discuss ways accounting teams can come together during a crisis and what that can mean in the virtual workplace.


How to Take the Sting Out of Failure – and Dramatically Improve Team Performance

Avatar photoKristen Rampe, CPA / October 15, 2019

What is the secret of a high performing team in accounting? Is it bringing together CPAs who have deep technical expertise? Do you need a wide diversity of personalities or strengths? Or maybe just having a strong leader who controls the group carefully with a skilled hand?

Over two years, Google conducted a massive study on team performance to answer the question – what creates high performing teams?


Boost Productivity by Creating a Strengths-based Culture at Your Accounting Firm

Avatar photoKristen Rampe, CPA / July 23, 2018

After helping several CPAs and firms with Strengths Programs, I’ve seen the impact it can have on individuals, workgroups and the firm as a whole. This is a culture-changer that results in better business outcomes.


Setting the Agenda for a Partner Retreat

Avatar photoKristen Rampe, CPA / April 10, 2018

You want partners to walk away from a retreat feeling energized and focused on moving the firm forward. Your agenda will be the roadmap to achieving this.


• Bulleted Lists in Presentation Captivate Audience

Avatar photoKristen Rampe, CPA / April 1, 2018

In a recent PowerPoint presentation to manufacturing industry controllers and CFOs, CPA Janet Trelite wowed the audience with a slide deck featuring 64 information-packed slides. The hour-long talk on the new leasing standards was fourth in a lineup of technical experts on tax, revenue, and of course, blockchain.


Delegation is like a Multi-Vitamin

Avatar photoKristen Rampe, CPA / January 23, 2018

You know a daily multi-vitamin is good for you. They’re a relatively low-cost, long-term investment in your future well-being. But yet, they are so easy to avoid. Taking them is just one more thing to do. And since you know you can survive today without them, you push them aside. The same applies to delegating at your firm.


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