IT Function Comes into Focus: Advice from Top MPs

Marc Rosenberg, CPA / Dec 22, 2014

Office techAs the nation’s CPA firms plan for the coming year many will be focusing on how technology can have the greatest possible impact on firms’ success and profitability.

We’ve communicated with MPs from coast to coast to find out what they do to promote their firms’ IT functions and found that the most effective leaders never make decisions in a vacuum.

Bringing in an outside consultant to offer an objective view of firm IT functions was the most-often cited option for evaluating the firm’s systems and capabilities. These specialists learn from their experiences at other firms and are able to distill that knowledge into incredibly helpful advice and counsel to every new firm they consult with.

A 3rd party perspective is critical because IT directors tend to take a defensive view of their own operations and could be resistant to change.

Input from a good cross-section of firm personnel on the state and direction of the firm’s technology is also immensely valuable. A growing trend is the formation of IT committees, usually consisting of the firm administrator, IT director and younger partners with a high technology IQ. The committee is not so much a decision-making body as it is a think tank. It’s also a great way to ensure that the IT director and MP receive input from a wide range of personnel.

MPs told us that good solutions cost both money and time. Falling behind and losing production only costs in the long run; firms need to accept the reality that they cannot be stingy when it come to IT spending. But this doesn’t mean that firms should be spendthrifts.  IT investments should be subject to a proper cost-benefit analysis, just as with any other major investment.

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