I consider Marc Rosenberg’s publications my go-to source for practice management information. They are always well researched and practical in their application.

Gregory W. Hammonds, CPA
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CPA Firm Growth: Keys to Practice Development

CPA firms have been searching for decades for the key to unlocking the secrets of practice development.  This book teaches growth-minded firms time-honored tactics that still work along with bold new ideas; how to spend marketing dollars wisely and how to outgrow the competition. It’s for firms wishing to get in the game and get to the next level – firms who want to start succeeding at practice development. 

The book’s 19 chapters include:

  • The Current Landscape and Coming Disruption
  • Specialization and Niche Practices
  • Framework for CPA Firm Practice Development
  • Improving Business Development Skills
  • Branding and Differentiation
  • Best Marketing Practices
  • Achieving a Return on your Marketing Investment

This book is not pie-in-the-sky theory. It provides cutting edge advice from highly acclaimed and experienced CPA consultants, and represents the culmination of decades of collaboration among three industry thought leaders who have built their careers helping accounting firms grow.  Marc Rosenberg, veteran CPA firm consultant and author of the Rosenberg Practice Management Series, is joined by co-authors Jeffrey S. Pawlow and Charles Hylan, CPA of The Growth Partnership, pioneers of a proprietary marketing discipline that has helped hundreds of firms acheive their highest potential.