The series has been a guiding light for our firm management. We have purchased all the books and found them to be invaluable to a firm of our size.

Tom Roberts, Vice President, Partner
Leone, McDonnell & Roberts
Wolfeboro, NH


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CPA Firm Mergers: Your Complete Guide

Two words describe the state of the merger market to a tee:  EVERYONE’S TALKING.  Buyers have a voracious appetite to merge in smaller firms and have few geographic limitations in their quest. Sellers, owned primarily by aging Baby Boomers, see merging up as their most likely exit strategy.  Relatively few buyers or sellers have much merger experience, yet these deals will require some of the most important decisions in their professional lives.

Enter our monograph, CPA Firm Mergers: Your Complete Guide, based on Marc Rosenberg’s 20 years of experience in the merger arena.  Almost totally new, this book is nearly three times the size of its predecessor.  More important is what it contains:

  • Keys to successful mergers
  • 21 steps in merger process (ALL are critical)
  • How to assess cultural fit
  • The 15 most important merger terms
  • Benefits of merging upward
  • Why buying a firm for one times fees is a steal
  • What larger firms should expect to see from smaller firms & vice versa
  • How to negotiate a merger – from both buyer and seller view
  • 14 things the Letter of Intent should address
  • 34 critical questions to ask
  • 18 types of data that should be reviewed
  • How do perform due diligence work
  • Best practices from MPs who did mergers
  • Merger of two solos-critical negotiation issues