CPA Firm Partner Compensation: The Art and Science


Our 3-partner firm recently purchased 7 Rosenberg books including partner compensation, partner agreements, succession planning and management/firm governance.   The books are a superlative blend of Marc’s years of consulting to medium and small CPA firms and the know-how that goes along with it. We are finding these books to be an excellent resource for ideas and a roadmap to guide the tough conversations that partners need to have regarding these key issues.

Brian Bray, MP
Benton Bray, PLLC
Bellevue, WA


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Partner compensation is the Holy Grail of CPA firm practice management. Firms have eternally searched for an income allocation system that is the fairest of all, makes everyone happy, is easy to administer and rewards performance.

Based on more than 20 years of experience in devising partner comp systems with hundreds of firms – large and small, from coast to coast, with partners earning from $200K to $1M apiece – this book compiles all of our compensation know-how and resources. From our proprietary consulting handouts, to interviews with MPs from some of nation’s best-managed firms, and including dozens of articles and blogs published on this topic, this book presents everything your firm needs to evaluate and design your partner comp system.

Beginning, intermediate and advanced “courses” include:

• Partner Comp 101
• How to design a partner comp system
• The 12 systems used by all firms
• Open vs. Closed systems
• Comp Committee vs. Formula Systems
• The role of book of business
• Differences between large and small firm systems
• The MP’s compensation
• Trends and controversies
• Best practices



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