I am using the Partner Retirement/Buyout book to update our partner agreements. I really enjoyed the structure of the book. The content was relevant and useful, and very easy to read and get through.

Jim Gardner, MP
Fred A. Lockwood & Co., PC
Chadron, NE


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CPA Firm Partner Retirement / Buyout Plans

Billions of dollars are due to be paid to retiring Baby Boomer partners over the next 10 years for their interests in CPA firms.  Will your firm be able to afford those payments?

Not without a plan – a comprehensive, well-written, competitive buyout agreement.

Based on Rosenberg’s experiences as an Inside Public Accounting‘s Top 10 Most Recommended Consultant who has guided hundreds of firms through the process over more than 20 years, this monograph is a must-read for firms that either need to revise and update their existing plans or are writing their first-ever retirement agreement.

Twenty chapters cover key considerations including:

  • What CPA firms are worth
  • What partners must do to get their buyout money
  • How to value a firm’s goodwill
  • The acid test of a well-conceived retirement plan
  • 6 methods of determining an individual partner’s buyout
  • How buyout payments are impacted by client loss
  • Vesting
  • Notice and client transition requirement
  • Why a mandatory retirement policy makes sense
  • How partners slow down and phase out
  • Tax implications of partner retirement payments
  • 6 ways that partners leave the firm: how each impacts buyout payments
  • Non-compete and non-solicitation covenants
  • How to prevent your plan from becoming a Ponzi scheme
  • The perils of staying silent on payment of goodwill-based benefits