CPA Firm Retreats: The Do-It-Yourself Guide


We used Marc's book on retreats for our first two-day retreat of our 5-partner firm.  It made the retreat an overwhelming success.

Charlie Jones, Co-Founder
Marshall Jones & Co
Atlanta, GA


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The complete guide for planning successful firm management retreats, based on our experiences facilitating numerous retreats for more than 20 years. Part I covers retreat organization and logistics: location, who should attend, timing and facilities. Part II presents background information and questions to stimulate spirited discussion on topics ranging from mergers, marketing and strategic planning to partner issues such as compensation, retirement and buyouts and accountability – all using our proprietary materials developed over decades consulting with CPA firms throughout North America.

Topics include:

  • Ground rules for participants
  • Retreat facilitators and speakers
  • Alternative formats; logistics
  • Agenda topics: speaker notes/discussion questions on the 10 most common retreat topics:
    Staff issues | Partner retirement/buyout | Profitability | Mergers | Partner Comp | Succession planning
    Marketing | Strategic planning | Firm governance | Partner accountability
  • Taking action on retreat ideas



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