Marc has been a valued consultant over the years. The Practice Management series uses his experience and “no-nonsense” approach to accounting firm management issues. If you are a constant learner about the profession as we like to be, the series is a requirement.

Larry G. Autrey
Managing Partner, Whitley Penn
Ft. Worth, TX


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Effective Partner Relations and Communication

Firms can have great clients, smart partners and staff and efficient systems, but if the partners don’t work together as a team and are unable to resolve their conflicts they will fall far short of their potential. Jointly written by Marc Rosenberg and Dr. Ellen Rosenberg, a clinical psychologist with over 20 years of experience in private practice, this monograph chronicles their experiences working together on CPA firm projects involving partner relations and communication issues.

Topics include:

  • The causes of difficulties among partners
  • Groundwork for forming partner relationships
  • Partner collegiality vs. accountability
  • How to be a good partner to your partners
  • Choosing the right partner from the outset
  • When it is best for partners to stay together and when it is best to part
  • Communication: What it means, why it’s important
  • How to have effective partner meetings
  • What partners should talk to each other about
  • Health and psychological issues
  • Why partner conflict is good and how to resolve it
  • Partner relations issues for women and for men