I can’t praise enough the book that Marc has written on Partner Retirement/Buyout Plans. It was the best work within this area that I have ever read and it should be mandatory reading for every owner – and future owner – of a CPA firm.

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Strategic Planning and Goal Setting for Results

This monograph is essentially a “Cliffs Notes” guide to strategic planning and partner goal setting for CPA firms. It’s patterned after Marc’s proprietary approach to consulting with CPA firms on strategic planning and goal setting, as he has developed it over the last 20 years. Marc’s approach has two major goals: Think BIG and keep it simple, and, GET RESULTS.

Topics include:

  1. The three main phases of strategic planning
  2. Overall management philosophy of a CPA firm
  3. Steps to creating the strategic plan
  4. Why mission statements are a waste of time
  5. The vision statement
  6. Stimulating productive brainstorming sessions
  7. Best practices for goal setting programs
  8. Core values
  9. Sample partner goals
  10. Keys to implementing & pitfalls of strategic planning
  11. Partner accountability