Marc has been a valued consultant over the years. The Practice Management series uses his experience and “no-nonsense” approach to accounting firm management issues. If you are a constant learner about the profession as we like to be, the series is a requirement.

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The Role of the Managing Partner: The Definitive Guide to CPA Firm Leadership

The biggest factor in achieving organizational success is strong management and leadership. In CPA firms, this is the role of the Managing Partner.

Want to know how the best MPs across the country are impacting their firms and how you can be a difference-maker and a better MP? Look no further than Marc Rosenberg’s latest book, The Role of the Managing Partner: The Definitive Guide to CPA Firm Leadership. The only CPA-firm-specific resource with blueprints for Managing Partner success on topics including partner accountability, profitability, working on the business (and staying out of the weeds), and evaluating the MP.

The books 20 chapters include:

  • How the MP Manages Partners
  • How a Good MP Impacts Profitability
  • The MPs Role in Managing Staff
  • How MPs Enforce the Partner Agreement
  • Essential Organizational Skills for MPs

NEW! Toolkit

We are now offering a proprietary toolkit which includes 15 key documents your firm can use to more easily implement Managing Partner best practices at your firm. The toolkit is available as a $75 add-on to your book purchase and offers:

High-Impact One-Page PDFs for sharing with your partner group

  • Management Philosophy of CPA Firms
  • Management vs Administration
  • Corporate vs Partnership Styles of CPA Firm Management

Editable Resources – Word documents to save you time typing up these useful pages

  • Managing Partner Job Description
  • Partner Self-Evaluation Form
  • Partner Peer Evaluation Form

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