I am using the Partner Retirement/Buyout book to update our partner agreements. I really enjoyed the structure of the book. The content was relevant and useful, and very easy to read and get through.

Jim Gardner, MP, Fred A. Lockwood & Co. PC; Chadron, NE


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What Really Makes CPA Firms Profitable?

Based on experiences with more than 700 CPA firms across the country, Marc Rosenberg presents 40 high-impact practices and technique employed by the nation’s most successful firms to maximize profitability. Some are preferable to others depending on your firm’s situation, but properly employed, they work.

BONUS: the latest CPA industry benchmarks from the current Rosenberg Practice Management Survey.

Topics include:

  • The essence of CPA firm profitability
  • Accountability and acting like a partner
  • CPA firm benchmarking
  • Marketing and the bottom line
  • Strong management and leadership: The most reliable path to profitability
  • Other ways to improve profitability
  • 25 best practices that move firms from good to great
  • What doesn’t seem to be important to firm profitability
  • Partner relations: Happy partners are productive partners
  • 40 great ways to improve CPA firm profitability