What Really Makes CPA Firms Profitable?, Second Edition


We have purchased a number of Marc’s books and I like them because they are concise, have ready points that can be implemented and are focused to the task at hand – CPA firm profitability, retreat planning, succession planning. They are a great resource for the CPA firm owner or manager.

Chip Helme, Managing Principal, CPA, CGMA
Thompson, Greenspon & Co.
Fairfax, VA


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NEW expanded second edition!

Based on experiences with more than 1,000 CPA firms across the country, this updated, greatly expanded book summarizes 40 high-impact techniques to maximize profitability. A Bonus: Recent benchmarks from the Rosenberg Practice Management Survey, an indispensable reference that firms use to increase their profitability.


The following have been ADDED to our newest edition:

  • Debunking over-reliance on partner income as percent of revenue as a measure of profitability.
  • How a firm’s culture affects profitability in a big way.
  • How adopting best practices for managing staff has a huge impact on profitability.
  • Pricing practices that add more dollars to your bottom line and streamline your client list.
  • Increasing profitability with mergers. Why hundreds firms acquire several firms every year.
  • How the selection of the firm’s partner compensation system impacts profitability in ways that few realize.
  • Expanded list of the 25 all-time best practices for CPA firms.
  • What doesn’t increase profitability.

Other topics include:

  • The essence of CPA firm profitability
  • Accountability and acting like a partner
  • CPA firm benchmarking
  • Marketing and the bottom line
  • Strong management and leadership: The most reliable path to profitability
  • Other ways to improve profitability
  • 25 best practices that move firms from good to great
  • What doesn’t seem to be important to firm profitability
  • Partner relations: Happy partners are productive partners
  • 40 great ways to improve CPA firm profitability


NEW Toolkit

We are offering a proprietary toolkit that includes a dozen key documents from the book your firm can use. The toolkit comes in printable PDFs to make it easy for you to use immediately. The toolkit is available as a $90 add-on to your book purchase and includes:

High-Impact One-Page PDFs for sharing with your partner group:

  • The 10 Biggest Mistakes in Benchmarking
  • Sample Letter for Increasing Fees
  • Value Positioning: Questions to Ask
  • Top 50 Profitability Tactics
  • Key Statistics and Ratios: By Geographic Region, Annual Fees, Size of Market, etc.



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