Bringing in New Partners

Tactics for bringing in new partners have changed dramatically. And with succession planning put on the front burners of so many firms today, there is a heightened interest in developing programs for bringing in new partners.

We work with firms to address the following:

  • What should be the criteria for promoting staff to partner?
  • How should they be compensated?
  • What should their ownership percentage be?
  • What should their buy-in be?
  • What voting rights should they have?
  • How do they participate in the firm’s retirement plan?
  • How do their duties change once they become partner?


Your expertise and guidance was invaluable, and I am confident that we would not have been able to achieve the successful progress we made without your help. I was particularly impressed with your ability to keep us on track and explain some unfamiliar concepts to us. The insights and recommendations were spot-on and helped us to identify some key challenges. I highly recommend your services to anyone who is looking for professional and reliable consulting. Thank you again for your outstanding work.

David P. Brown, CPA, CGMA
Founding Member
Brown Hiers Kinder LLC