Bringing in New Partners

Tactics for bringing in new partners have changed dramatically. And with succession planning put on the front burners of so many firms today, there is a heightened interest in developing programs for bringing in new partners.

We work with firms to address the following:

  • What should be the criteria for promoting staff to partner?
  • How should they be compensated?
  • What should their ownership percentage be?
  • What should their buy-in be?
  • What voting rights should they have?
  • How do they participate in the firm’s retirement plan?
  • How do their duties change once they become partner?


Rosenberg's book on bringing in new partners was great. I will share it with some of my partners. I think it will be a good tool in helping to educate some of the up and coming managers on what we are looking for in future partners.

Al Kutchins, Partner
Kutchins, Robbins & Diamond, Ltd.
Chicago, IL