CPA Firm Mergers

Mergers and acquisitions of CPA firms are events that rarely take place more than once in a lifetime for the involved parties. We deal with several such mergers every year; every one of our merger and acquisition clients benefits from these experiences, because:

  1. We are experts in the valuation of practices; we help you decide what a reasonable price is.
  2. We help you identify the characteristics of the firm you want as a buyer, seller or merger candidate.
  3. We know what questions need to be asked and make sure that they get asked.
  4. We know the types of issues that have led to mergers not working out.
  5. We know which firms will fit together and which will not.
  6. We function in the role of facilitator, frequently engaging in a form of “shuttle diplomacy” to help the buyer or the seller get past difficult hurdles in the negotiations.

We are particularly effective for mergers and acquisitions in the Chicago area. No one knows more CPA firms and CPA firm managing partners in Chicago than Marc Rosenberg. This enables Marc to quickly identify viable candidates to merge, buy or sell, thereby avoiding huge blocks of wasted time.



I consider Marc Rosenberg’s publications my go-to source for practice management information. They are always well researched and practical in their application.

Gregory W. Hammonds, CPA
Whaley, Hammonds Tomasello
Atlanta, GA