Facilitate Retreats

Partners of CPA firms work very hard during the year, but it’s just as important to work smart. It is critical that partners take the time to assess their overall satisfaction with the firm, evaluate its operations, resolve problems and set goals for the future. This is best accomplished at a retreat, away from the office and its distractions.

Clients find it effective for us to lead their retreats because they benefit from our experience in working with hundreds of firms. I always tell new clients that I am “one firm better than the last firm I worked with.” I approach your firm objectively, with a “fresh set of eyes.” I ask questions that might not occur to you. And afterwards, I help you implement the ideas we come up with; I don’t want anyone to feel like the retreat was a waste of time.

Here is what we do:

  1. Help you form the agenda.
  2. Interview the partners before the retreat.
  3. Benchmark your firm against our proprietary survey of CPA firms metrics.
  4. Update you on the hottest trends in the profession.
  5. Lead the discussions on each agenda item.
  6. Get everyone to contribute; prevent any one person from dominating the discussion.
  7. Bring every topic to a conclusion; get agreement on goals for implementation.
  8. Provide a brief report after the retreat is over, summarizing all action steps.