Leadership Development

Our customized, in-house workshops give your team an edge in the soft-skills that all professional service providers need to lead a successful firm.  The future of your organization is in the hands of your staff and you need to make sure they have the people and team skills to continue your success.

Featured Workshops

Delivering Performance Feedback

Preparing for Challenging Conversations  |  Listening Before Sharing  | Managing Emotions

How to Delegate Like a Boss

Delegation as a Process | Handing-off Work Correctly | Monitoring Progress | Micromanaging vs Undermanaging

Executive Presence and Charisma

The Behaviors Behind Charisma  |  Imposter Syndrome  |  Displaying Confidence with Clients and Prospects

Slide Deck Improv + Presentation Skills

Using Improv in Business Communication  |  Engaging Visuals  |  Storytelling  |  Live Practice

Human Resources and Recruiting

Path to Partner  |  Recruiting, Internships & Onboarding Best Practices  |  Alignment and Accountability  |  Attracting and Retaining Talent

CPA Firm Economics 

How CPA Firms Work  |  Engagement Management for Profitability  |  CPA Firm Growth and Sustainability 

Additional Workshops

  • Delegation Best Practices
  • Business Writing
  • Understanding the Client Experience
  • Professional and Dining Etiquette
  • Train the Trainer


  • Workshops can be held in lengths ranging from two to four hours. Our clients often combine two or three topics to create a full day of training.

  • Options are available for off-the-shelf content targeted towards your goals; or more significant customization adding in your firm’s values, branding, and examples.

Leadership Development Program

Develop and retain upcoming leaders in your organization with an engaging series of workshops and leadership experiences over the course of two years. Our goal to help you create leaders who have what it takes to be highly successful in their role at your firm.

In addition to the Skills topics listed below, we:

  • Bring in guest speakers from your organization

  • Read relevant books and articles

  • Learn from others through informational interviews

  • Take communication and strengths assessments

  • Participate in open forum sessions each day: to discuss organizational topics and determine courses of action or projects to be taken on to lead the firm to a better place

  • Have an option for coaching/advising sessions between workshops


All of this combines to create an experience that keeps your top talent engaged and learning critical skills as they progress in their careers.

Work with us

Leadership Skills: Senior Staff
(2 – 6 years of experience)


Leadership Development Kick-off

Leadership Meaning and Concepts Overview |  Goal-Setting Best Practices |  Time Management

Communication Essentials

Communication Styles: Yours and Others |  Business Writing |  The Power of Listening

Client Service

Understanding the Client Experience |  Dining and Professional Etiquette |  Providing Exceptional Client Service

Project Management

The Role of the Manager |  Firm Economics |  Planning and Organizing Projects


Advanced Client Service

Recovering from Client Service Failures |  Networking and Business Development |  Building Your Client Service Brand

Communication Situations

Presentation Skills |  Managing Difficult Conversations

Team Building

Strengths-Based Leadership |  Effective Delegation |  Developing Successful Teams and Team Members


Motivation and Influence |  Awards and Celebration

Leadership Skills: Managers (6 – 12 years of experience)


Leadership Development Kick-off

Strengths Assessment |  Goal-Setting  

Communication Essentials

Executive Presence and Charisma |  How to Give, Get, and Use Feedback  

Time and Project Management

Balancing Team Player and Boundary Keeper |  Delegation Best Practices |  Project Ownership and Big Picture Thinking

Client Service Excellence

Revisiting the Client Experience |  Recovering from Client Service Failures 

Career and Firm Development

The Role of the Partner |  CPA Firm Economics |  Leading a Division/Department


Networking & Business Development

Getting Leads from Your Network  |  Marketing |  Closing a Sale  |  Advanced CPA Firm Economics

Advanced Communication Situations

Presentation Skills  |  Managing Difficult Conversations

Team Building

Strengths-Based Leadership |  Developing Successful Teams and Team Members |  Mastering Meeting Facilitation |  Evaluating and Remedying Blind Spots


Motivation and Influence |  Challenging Assumptions and Barriers to Change |  Awards and Celebration

More Details

  • Our programs are customized to meet the emphasis and competencies most important to your firm. Different levels of customization are available.

  • Ideal group size is 7-15 individuals that have a similar level of experience (within 3 years of each other for seniors, 5 years for managers).

  • We typically meet twice per year (1.5 or two consecutive days).


I really enjoyed the collaboration and the topics discussed in the Learn, Grow, Lead Leadership Program. Kristen is a great program leader, and her experiences are interesting to hear.

Antonio Reyna
Senior Accountant
Hungerford Nichols CPAs and Advisors