Partner Buy-Out

Firms use a wide variety of plans to buy out retired partners. But are the plans effective? Are the partners happy with the plan?

We do extensive work with firms in the partner retirement area. Our approach is a blend of two techniques:

First, we show you alternative approaches, based upon our experience with other firms as well as what we think will work for your firm.

Second, we help the partner group develop a consensus for the type of plan they think is fair and would be comfortable with.

Here is how we work:

  1. We review your firm’s financial and production statistics.
  2. We conduct confidential interviews with each partner.
  3. We walk you through roughly 30 main provisions that need to be addressed.
  4. We demonstrate partner buyout systems employed by other firms.
  5. We facilitate a meeting of the partners to finalize the plan.
  6. We conclude with a written report.



Marc has been a valued consultant over the years. The Practice Management series uses his experience and “no-nonsense” approach to accounting firm management issues. If you are a constant learner about the profession as we like to be, the series is a requirement.

Larry G. Autrey
Managing Partner, Whitley Penn
Ft. Worth, TX