Practice Management and Profit Improvement Reviews

This is a comprehensive review of your firm. Our goal is to issue you a “report card” of your firm’s strengths and weaknesses together with 30-40 concrete, doable recommendations for increasing your firm’s growth, profitability and organizational efficiency.

Examples of areas we address:

  1. Profitability and productivity
  2. Management and organization
  3. Planning
  4. Marketing
  5. Staff issues
  6. Partner compensation
  7. Partner retirement and succession planning
  8. Billing and collection

Here is how we work:

  1. We review the firm’s financial and production statistics.
  2. The managing partner completes a questionnaire on the firm’s practices.
  3. Partners and staff complete confidential questionnaires about the firm.
  4. We visit your firm for two days; we interview firm personnel on the first day.
  5. We present our findings and recommendations to the partner group on the second day in a retreat-like setting.
  6. We issue a comprehensive report after our visit is completed.