Virtual Consulting Projects With Marc Rosenberg

The world as we all know it has changed forever.  The creation of “New Normals” is well underway.

Meanwhile, practice management issues facing your firm have not gone away and indeed, may be more urgent than ever.

As a 20-year veteran CPA firm consultant, my world has also changed.  Most of my work has been face-to-face.  But these days, many firms want to work with me remotely, using video conferencing technology.

We have developed 6 remote consulting projects at fee levels adjusted to fit  your cash-challenged budget.

All projects use the same 3 approaches:

  • We request data, review it and analyze it.
  • Prepare a written report with recommendations.
  • Review highlights with you in a Zoom session.

The 6 projects that are requested the most are:

  • Practice Management/Profit Reviews. You complete a comprehensive questionnaire. We: review your firm’s data, benchmark your firm, perform an assessment, prepare a thorough report of our findings and best practices suggestions.  Project concludes with a video call.
  • Partner Compensation Systems. We start with a crash course on Partner Comp best practices.  We: assess your existing system, get input from your partners, suggest changes, prepare a comprehensive report.  Conclude with a video call.
  • Partner Retirement/Buyout Plans. We start with a crash course on Partner Buyout.    We: assess your system, get input from your partners, suggest changes, walk you through (in a video call) the 30 features of buyout plans and summarize the project with a report.
  • How To Bring In a New Partner. The virus hasn’t stopped the irrepressible push for Boomers to bring in new partners.  In a video call, we review steps & alternatives to bringing in a new partner. Buy-in. Capital. Owner %.  New partner comp. Partner agreement issues.
  • A Primer for How To Do Mergers. For Buyers and Sellers.  The merger market is still in a frenzy, yet few firms have merger experience.  In a video call, we review our proprietary 15-step guide to mergers:  Assessing merger partners. Terms.  Due diligence.  Negotiating tactics.
  • Partner Agreements. You complete a comprehensive questionnaire.  In a video call, we review 30 major governance 30 major areas.  Project concludes with a written report of provisions.


Marc has been a valued consultant over the years. The Practice Management series uses his experience and “no-nonsense” approach to accounting firm management issues. If you are a constant learner about the profession as we like to be, the series is a requirement.

Larry G. Autrey, Managing Partner
Whitley Penn
Ft. Worth, TX