Strategic Planning and Goal Setting

Enormous changes are taking place in the CPA profession. What should firms be doing to address these changes? What is your firm’s vision and how can you achieve it? Strategic planning addresses these questions. Our work with firms has shown a strong link between strategic planning and high profitability.

Here is how we work:

  1. Review your firm’s financial and production statistics.
  2. Help you decide if you want me to interview partners face-to-face or get input from them via a proprietary strategic planning questionnaire that we have developed.
  3. Tabulate the results of the partners’ input.
  4. Convene a two day retreat-like meeting, which consists of several parts:
    • Brainstorming and creation of a vision statement.
    • Developing firmwide goals to achieve the vision.
    • Drilling down on firmwide goals and creating action steps to achieve them.
    • Lay the groundwork for the creation of individual partner goals.
    • After all the goals are established, what will ensure that they are achieved?
    • Agree on how partner accountability will work for each partner.
  5. Summarize the results of the entire strategic planning process in a written report.

After the retreat, the partners and other key personnel need to write specific, measurable goals and action steps for themselves. These goals should have a direct link to the firm’s vision. Creating properly written goals is not easy. But we are good at it. We are available to assist firms in writing partner goals.