Succession Planning

The #1 issue at CPA firms today is succession planning. Baby Boomer partners are getting close to retirement, but there is a shortage of partner-potentials at firms.

We have extensive experience in the following aspects of succession planning:

  • What exit strategy should we pursue: passing the firm down to younger partners, merger or sale?
  • If a merger or a sale makes the most sense, how should this be implemented?
  • When do the partners plan to retire?
  • Are the firm’s younger partners willing and able to buy out the older partners?
  • How can we develop our staff into partner material?
  • How should we structure our partner buy-out plan?
  • What are the criteria for making partner?
  • How to bring in new partners (ownership, buy-in, compensation, etc.)


Marc’s series provides detailed and thought provoking insights into a myriad of the most important management issues facing partners in today’s accounting firms. The checklists and forms alone will save you thousands of dollars. Why recreate the wheel?

Cornell Rudov