Succession Planning

The #1 issue at CPA firms today is succession planning. Baby Boomer partners are getting close to retirement, but there is a shortage of partner-potentials at firms.

We have extensive experience in the following aspects of succession planning:

  • What exit strategy should we pursue: passing the firm down to younger partners, merger or sale?
  • If a merger or a sale makes the most sense, how should this be implemented?
  • When do the partners plan to retire?
  • Are the firm’s younger partners willing and able to buy out the older partners?
  • How can we develop our staff into partner material?
  • How should we structure our partner buy-out plan?
  • What are the criteria for making partner?
  • How to bring in new partners (ownership, buy-in, compensation, etc.)


Rosenberg’s ‘How CPA Firms Work’ captures the best of the best snapshots in our industry. Our strategic discussions on these points have been focused, saving us hours of research time on our own. And it has given us the confidence to proceed on several issues already addressed by other good firms.

Rob Sachs – COO Dalby Wendland & Co. P.C.