Upward Evaluations of the Partners by the Staff

CPA firms are service businesses. As such, the success of a CPA firm is heavily dependent on the quality of its people, and effective supervision is a key element of developing quality people.

To help partners and managers be the best they can be, we offer a strictly confidential, state-of-the-art On-line Upward Evaluation Survey for staff to evaluate their supervisors. All surveys are completed anonymously by the staff.

According to Marc Rosenberg’s Best Practice #10 of Wildly Successful CPA firms:

“Survey staff to find out what they think of you. Firms may think they can gauge the quality of their staff’s satisfaction, but they cannot. It’s only important what the staff think. The truly excellent firms regularly survey them.”

Here is how we work:

  1. Send an email invitation to every participant.
  2. Tally the responses.
  3. Results for individual supervisors and the firm as a whole are compared to national norms developed from dozens of staff surveys conducted over 20 years.
  4. Summarize the results in a written analysis.
  5. Prepare a firmwide chart of results, supervisor by supervisor.
  6. Prepare individual reports for each supervisor.