Spectacular Australia & New Zealand!

In March, my wife, Ellen, and I vacationed for 3 weeks Australia, the land of extremes and NZ, perhaps the most beautiful country on earth. In Australia, we visited Melbourne, gazed upon the stunning mountains of Uluru and The Olgas in the Outback, snorkeled The Great Barrier Reef, petted kangaroos and koalas, sailed Sydney’s amazing harbor and hiked through a rain forest led by an aborigine. 

 In New Zealand, a country of only 4 million, we started in Auckland, danced the Maori’s Haka, sailed down Marlborough Sound in search of rare green mussels while sipping the area’s wonderful sauvignon blanc, meandered through Milford Sound, considered by many the most beautiful vacation destination in the world, feasted on New Zealand’s famous lamb and strolled through picturesque Queensland including their stunning botanical garden.  The tragic earthquake in Christchurch occurred two weeks before our visit, so we missed it.

 Yes, mate! A long way to go but we’ll cherish the memories

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