How CPA Firms Work: The Business of Public Accounting

NOW! Completely updated for 2018

Personnel in any setting work with more enthusiasm and commitment when they are genuinely made to feel part of the organization and understand how they contribute to the firm’s success and profitability.  CPA firms are no exception.

This monograph is a primer that explains how CPA firms work as a business.  It is primarily intended for staff joining a firm, including new college graduates, experienced hires and interns.  Firms give a copy of this monograph to all new personnel as part of their new employee orientation and onboarding programs because it gives new people a solid foundation in the workings of a typical CPA firm.

Topics include:

  • Why working at a CPA firm is a great career.
  • CPA firm economics- how firms make money.
  • CPA industry innovations over the last 20 years
  • Trends in the CPA profession
  • What it takes for staff to advance
  • The image of CPA firms
  • CPA firm management
  • How firms get clients
  • What attracts staff to CPA firms
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