The series has been a guiding light for our firm management. We have purchased all the books and found them to be invaluable to a firm of our size.

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CPA Firm Succession Planning: A Perfect Storm

Succession planning is the perfect storm of CPA firm practice management, brought about by the simultaneous impact of aging baby boomer partners, a never-ending shortage of staff with partner potential and a tendency for CPA firm management to perpetually relegate succession planning to the back burner. Industry observers regard succession planning as the #1 endemic issue facing CPA firms today. And it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Many firms believe that succession planning starts and stops with leadership development. Developing future leaders is critical. But there are many other important areas to be addressed. This monograph provides readers with a roadmap for creating and implementing a succession plan.

Topics include:

  • Challenges for older and younger partners
  • Doing the math
  • Assessment of existing staff
  • Leadership development
  • MP transition
  • Governance structure
  • Client transition best practices
  • Partner buyout/buy-in plans
  • Deciding on the preferred exit strategy