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Boo-sting Retention: Unmasking the Spook-tacular Secrets to Keeping Top Talent at CPA Firms

Amanda LilleyAmanda Lilley, CPA, SHRM-CP, PHR / October 24, 2023

As Halloween approaches, CPA firms will need to put more than a bowl of candy in front of their employees to be sure they retain them going into 2024. While the staffing shortage in the industry shouldn’t be news to anyone, now is not the time to let up on talking about the issue –…


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Remote Team In-Person Events – A Real-Life Example

Avatar photoKristen Rampe, CPAChrystin McHughChrystin McHugh / October 17, 2023

In our fast-paced world, team unity and strong interpersonal connections are essential for success. At this point, the majority of our clients have fully remote team members; some, a significant number. Even though remote work isn’t new, figuring out how to develop a high-functioning remote team is still a work in process. One key aspect…


HR Consulting is Here!

Amanda LilleyAmanda Lilley, CPA, SHRM-CP, PHR / March 14, 2022

At Rampe Consulting we are always striving to find ways to better serve our clients and make lasting change in the CPA firm space. We are pleased to announce our latest service line – HR Consulting! With this new offering, we are aiming to help firms improve their overall employee experience and outline opportunities for career and professional development within their own firm.


New App Aims to Keep Partners Accountable

Avatar photoKristen Rampe, CPA / April 13, 2021

If you’re like most CPA firms, you’ve had your fair share of partner accountability challenges. Luckily, industry experts, notable partners and developers have finally come together to lead change in this area with a new tool: the Partner Accountability App.

Here are some of the common issues this groundbreaking technology addresses:


Rosenberg & Rampe Reveal Magic Formula for Partner Compensation

Avatar photoKristen Rampe, CPA / April 1, 2021

Partner compensation is a challenge for many accounting firm leadership teams. The desire to balance rewarding performance, book of business, billable hours, and plain old seniority leads to conflict. Feelings of confusion arise when partners who are total jerks continue to out-earn their peers who have 20% higher realization and manage staff as if they’d been personally mentored by Adam Grant.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work closely with Marc Rosenberg for the past several years on partner compensation projects. Combining our…


Bringing Your Team Together During a Crisis

Avatar photoKristen Rampe, CPA / May 8, 2020

When things get stressful, communication is critical. Checking in on your team’s wellbeing can be a crucial part of growing together. Kristen Rampe joined the Ohio Society of CPA’s State of Business podcast to discuss ways accounting teams can come together during a crisis and what that can mean in the virtual workplace.


How to Take the Sting Out of Failure – and Dramatically Improve Team Performance

Avatar photoKristen Rampe, CPA / October 15, 2019

What is the secret of a high performing team in accounting? Is it bringing together CPAs who have deep technical expertise? Do you need a wide diversity of personalities or strengths? Or maybe just having a strong leader who controls the group carefully with a skilled hand?

Over two years, Google conducted a massive study on team performance to answer the question – what creates high performing teams?


How to Create Change When Change is Hard – An Accounting Allegory

Avatar photoMatt Rampe / October 31, 2018

Meet John, a hard-working new partner at a mid-sized accounting firm on the west coast.  We join John as he sits down for his first annual review as a partner. His managing partner, Gus, makes the feedback clear, “John, the bottom line is you have to delegate more so you can spend that time on business development and hit your new targets. We’re all counting on you.” 


Boost Productivity by Creating a Strengths-based Culture at Your Accounting Firm

Avatar photoKristen Rampe, CPA / July 23, 2018

After helping several CPAs and firms with Strengths Programs, I’ve seen the impact it can have on individuals, workgroups and the firm as a whole. This is a culture-changer that results in better business outcomes.


When it Comes to Performance Reviews, Ditch the Labels

Avatar photoKristen Rampe, CPA / May 14, 2018

Let’s say it’s performance review time and you nonchalantly slip in that one of your team members, let’s call her Madison, “needs to be more professional.”

In your mind, you know exactly what this means. It’s helpful and straight-forward feedback. Twenty years from now when Madison is managing partner and she is receiving a prestigious accounting award, she will thank you from the stage for this moment. Pat on the back for you!


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